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Dry Grad Info:

What is Dry Grad? According to ICBC, "four youths are killed and 1,140 injured in crashes during Grad season in May and June every year in BC." Dry Grad is an initiative to reduce these statistics and is a party organized by parents and student volunteers for grads to attend after the graduation dinner/dance (Prom). It is "dry," meaning no alcohol or drugs are allowed. This is a safe and inclusive alternative to private after-grad celebrations. Safety is especially pertinent as we hear about drug overdoses regularly on the news.

 The event is fully planned, supervised and sponsored by parents of the graduation class. The event has several committees (decoration, food, entertainment, facilities, security ect.).

Next Dry Grad Meeting:

March 10th - virtual meeting @ 7pm via MSTeams 




Dry Grad Fundraisers: 

 April 15th - Dry Grad Drive-In Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser