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Advanced Placement


Advanced Placement Program 

What is the Advanced Placement Program? 

The Advanced Placement Program, or AP, allows students to tackle challenging topics head on and go deeper into subjects that interest them. AP enables willing and academically prepared students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. 

What are the benefits of Advanced Placement? 

AP courses allow students to: 

  • Challenge themselves 
  • Develop a deeper knowledge about a subject that interests them 
  • Build student skills and processes that will enhance confidence and enable success after high school 
  • Stand out on college applications 
  • Earn college credit 


Who Should Take AP Courses?
Our school policy is that Pen High's AP courses are open to all students who are prepared to accept the challenges of a rigorous academic curriculum.

How does the Advanced Placement exam work? 

Students are provided an opportunity to write an AP exam in May each year. The exam is prepared by the College Board; it is designed in conjunction with high school and collegiate educators to ensure that the content meets the requirements of a college-level course. Students who take the AP exam must pay an additional fee for the exam. 


AP Course Offerings at Penticton Secondary


     Calculus AB

     English Language

     English Literature

     French Language*

     Physics B

       *French Immersion 12 students have the option to challenge the AP French Language and Culture exam.

AP EXAM Information