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Code of Conduct

Learning best occurs in a positive environment that is free of violence, intimidation, harassment, and possession and use of illegal substances.  Such a positive learning environment is best fostered by a system that generates mutual respect in the school community. 

Code of Conduct

1.       (a)         Students are expected to:

(i)      Maintain courteous relationships with fellow students, teachers and other people involved in the school system;

(ii)      Respect public and personal property;


(iii)        Actively promote the general welfare of the school and the student body;

(iv)        Be honest and straightforward in their dealings with others;

(v)         Adhere to all classroom, school and district rules and policies;

(vi)        Attend school daily and promptly at the appointed hours;

(vii)       Work diligently at their studies without disrupting the work of others;

(viii)      Maintain appropriate standards of hygiene, dress and language;

(ix)        Maintain a healthy lifestyle and attitude.

(x)        Conduct themselves with academic integrity and honesty.


(b)           Penticton Secondary School regards the following as examples of serious offences that are not acceptable in our school:  bullying (including cyber-bullying), harassment, disrespect, theft, intimidation (including verbal or physical harassment/intimidation), physical violence, emotional abuse, discrimination; the possession, use and/or trafficking of illegal or restricted drugs, alcohol, or substances; possession and/or use of weapons.


2.       Discipline

(a)            While 1(a) establishes and encourages a preferred conduct for students, provision must be made for those occasions when behavior, conduct or effort fails to meet expected standards.  The Student Conduct section of this handbook sets out specific disciplinary measures to deal with such cases.   


(b)           In dealing with such cases, certain principles of fair process are important and shall be followed:


(i)         Cases will be dealt with as expeditiously as is possible;

(ii)         Principals, staff members, and/or outside agencies involved shall use discretion and sound judgment; 

(iii)        Students and/or parents/guardians will be informed in writing in cases of code violations which involve a significant period of suspension;

(iv)        Students with identifiable special needs may require special consideration in the selection of appropriate forms of intervention;

(v)         Consequences will take into account a student’s age and maturity level.


3.          Penticton Secondary School will take all reasonable steps to prevent retaliation by a person against a student who has made a complaint of a breach of this Code of Conduct.


4.          Every student shall be subject to the Code of Conduct established for the school and district while on the school premises; to and from school and at all school approved extra-curricular and co-curricular activities whenever and wherever held.